The PDF printout of observations from Edivate Observe contain waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much white space. This needs to be severely minimized. A basic, simple observation generated a 21 page PDF.


  • We're currently working on this to remove excess white space. Stay tuned! :)

  • This has been a "we're working on this" for three months now. This is a huge issue for schools and districts who require printing observations for signatures and dates.

  • My team is currently working on providing users with options for what they'd like to see printed in an observation as well as overall minimizing the white space printed on an observation. The nature of our development cycle is such that higher priority items must take precedence over issues that, while we know are of importance to clients, are not foundational pieces of the software that must be addressed. We know this is an important issue and are working toward a solution as fast as our capacity allows us to. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Can we change the observation form when exporting? We used a different system before through our state, and now have moved to Edivate Observe. We love many of the features of Edivate, but hope to customize the PDF report that is created from the observations to a more concise page. I can send you an example if I need to.

  • Hi, Debra. I'd be happy to see an example of what you're talking about. I'd have to see what you're looking for before I can more definitively answer your question. Feel free to email me at Thanks!