Districts are facing challenges using the course feature in a dynamic fashion. We suggest that this feature be modified to allow for updates once the course is in session. Currently, once a course is built, the template is "locked". This fails to allow for the most up-to-date information, customization, and in some cases--correction, to be provided for course participants.


  • Agreed. When Edivate courses are finalized and locked, this poses similar limitations as when Observation 360 templates have been finalized. Granted, making drastic changes would be inadvisable, as course participants could have completed a bulk of the course, and now could have additional activities to complete. Many of the issues we are experiencing with the FL Reading Endorsement courses relate to not being able to upload a syllabus (that functionality disappeared), not being able to rearrange folders and tasks, and not being able to update a file download (even though updating hyperlinks is permitted) once the course has been activated.