If this is the wrong contact for this sort of thing please let me know what correct one is.

In the Edivate forums it would be extremely helpful if in addition to counting the number of views and replies for each thread if it also told us the time and date of the last time someone posted to it. This makes it much easier to know at a glance if any given thread is particularly active or inactive. Subscribing to a thread is helpful, but not everybody wants to have to commit to email updates for every single thread they are involved in. For more active users of the forums we’d prefer to just go to our community’s forums and at a glance see which ones have been active since the last time we checked.

Something along the lines of this where it is very easy to tell how recently anybody has participated (http://www.theverge.com/forums/apple-core):

It might also be really cool to be able to filter the threads based on most recent reply, number of replies, and date of original posting.


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